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At the Center for Social Policy, it is our goal to provide research that can help inform public policy making and program improvement. For our most current up-to-date research specific to COVID-19, please visit our COVID-19 page. Below is a list of the most current and up-to-date research and publications by Center for Social Policy and our partners:

The Economic Challenges and Public Benefit Utilization of New Mexicans 50 years and Older - NEW (February 2023)
This landscape analysis examines the economic challenges facing New Mexicans 50+ as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The research also looks at how New Mexicans 50 years and older utilized public benefit programs during this time, including any obstacles they may have faced in accessing those programs. 


Promoting Racial Equity in the NM Early Childhood Workforce (September 2021)
In this brief, our research team examines the role and ability of the early childhood education workforce in New Mexico to promote social and racial equity for children of all backgrounds. Click the title to read more. 


The Economic Well-being of the NM Early Childhood Workforce (September 2021)
Over the past few years, New Mexico has significantly increased its funding for early childhood programing. However, research has show that despite the funding increases, salary levels for many in the workforce have lagged behind. In this brief, our research team identifies mechanisms and strategies to help address these issues. Click the title to read more. 


New Mexico’s Electoral System is in Need of Reform: Fusion Voting Can Improve Representation for the
State’s Growing Population of Young and Independent Voters (February 2021)
As Americans grow increasingly frustrated with the two-party systems, not only has the electorate base begin to shift towards more voters identifying as 'Independent', the number of newly registered 'Independents' in New Mexico has also grown significantly. A recent analysis of the current trends by our CSP researchers has shown that major election reform is needed in New Mexico in order to ensure equal representation and participation for all voters, regardless of party-affiliation, and why "Fusion Voting" should be serious a consideration.
Read more here: NM Electoral Reform & Fusion Voting

How to Address the Devastating COVID-19 Impacts on Latino Families - Latino Parent Voices: Policy Recommendations (December 2020)
Across the country, minority communities have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19. In partnership with Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors, this report looks specifically at the devastating impact of the virus on Latino Families. Our report offers policy recommendations across six key areas: health, education, economics, social justice, and family; the areas with the most promise for helping Latino families in need and mitigating the damage caused by the pandemic. Read more here:

2020 New Mexico Redistricting Survey (November 2020)
In partnership with Latino Decisions and support from the Thornburg Foundation, our latest survey shows that New Mexicans are increasingly interested in the re-districting process. Those surveyed would like to see more competitiveness, transparency, engagement with tribal nations, and overall public involvement in the redistricting process. Read more here: Press Release || Survey Summary Report

 Research from Our Partners: