Center for Social Policy

The Center for Social Policy (CSP) is an initiative within the College of Arts and Sciences at The University of New Mexico that is charged with integrating the work of several existing research institutes within the College. In addition to the Institutes listed below, the CSP is sustaining the mission of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy by continuing to engage in research focused on racial and ethnic inequalities across health and well-being outcomes, and health policy more broadly. The CSP research and administrative teams continues to work at bridging applied policy and academic research in our approach to help advance our mission to improve social policy outcomes.

The following institutes are formally housed at the Center for Social Policy:

By harnessing the research capacities of several institutes, the Center for Social Policy is able to address the needs of our clients and produce research products that combine the best practices of academic research and answer the leading social policy questions facing the state of New Mexico and the wider region. Our Center specializes in conducting policy research in New Mexico through a racial/ethnic equity based framework aimed at providing policy makers with independent and rigorous data to inform their decisions.

We have established a high-quality national and local reputation for conducting high quality research, as well as connecting the wealth of knowledge and resources of UNM to the wider community. This has been accomplished by ensuring that our work directly involves community partners whenever possible, in the identification of research questions that advance current and projected needs, as well as the research process itself.

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