Research Services

At the Center for Social Policy, we provide methodologically rigorous research that can help inform public policy making and program improvement.

Our approach to conducting applied policy research is grounded in the desire to utilize appropriate methodologies while maintaining a high level of cultural competence and grounding our research in dynamic social contexts. 

We build collaborative research teams comprised of appropriate UNM faculty and graduate fellows with expertise in the research area.

We take a community-based approach with our work that strives to create partnerships that build community capacity to conduct, interpret and use research.

Program Evaluation

We can help evaluate existing programs, and develop evaluation tools or frameworks to inform your future work

Surveys and Polling

We can help design and implement surveys, as well as interpret and analyze survey data

Economic Analysis – Cost Studies/Cost Benefit Analyses

We do economic/cost analyses to inform policy interventions and/or to evaluate program implementation

Interviews and Focus Groups

We design and implement interviews and focus groups in English and Spanish for both applied and academic research, as well as assist in interpreting qualitative data.

Literature/Policy Reviews

We can help you understand the landscape of any particular social policy issue area that includes, but is not limited to, academic literature, best practices from applied policy research, and regional, national or international policy comparisons

Data Collection and Statistical Analysis

We can help design and collect both qualitative and quantitative data, as well as conduct statistical analysis for both types of data.

Electoral Analysis

We design and conduct electoral analysis for federal, state, and local elections

General Consultation on Academic and Applied Research Projects

We have the capacity to provide general research design consultation for both academic and non-academic researchers doing work in both health and social policy

Data Visualizations & Presentations

We can take existing and/or collected data and make them understandable through data-informed narratives and data visualization platforms including Arc GIS, Tableau and other tools